Data breaches become one of the challenges that you have to face in the digital era like today. Hackers are always looking for ways to access sensitive data stored by fintech companies. These data will later be used by hackers to commit various criminal acts such as duplicating credit cards, fraud, or extortion. If breach data occurs, the company will have a bad reputation, lawsuits, and must pay a fine. To avoid this, the application system must have good cybersecurity. You can do penetration testing regularly to ensure that the application does not have loopholes that can be hacked by hackers.


Data breaches that can occur compilation of hackers successfully enter the data source and extract important information implemented. They will launch, move, replace, change, delete, and use these data for various purposes.

Hackers will generally begin to carry out their compilation attacks knowing security weaknesses in a system. Sensitive data that can already be used to duplicate credit cards, make payments, or even extort. Stolen data will usually end up in the Dark Web. Dark Web cannot be indexed by search engines and you buy a special type of browser that can be accessed. Mostly, criminals use the Dark Web to traffic various illegal goods.

Tip 1: Security awareness

Training and educating employees is one of the important steps you must take. You can implement security policies to ensure employees participate in protecting system security, such as using strong passwords, recognizing types of malware attacks, encrypting e-mails and data when sending them to other employees, and others. You can update your security policies regularly because this type of threat will also grow.

Tip 2: Data Backup

This step can not prevent data breaches, but it is very useful when you have to repair the damage caused. Not all hackers steal data for sale or use illegally. Some hackers do data breaches to delete your important data. Therefore, backing up data is very important, because when data is lost or damaged, companies still have data backup. Important data that you have backed up can help the company to get back on its feet.

Today, many companies rely on cloud storage providers to backup their business data. But most companies do not clearly understand how their data is protected. To get the right service, you can ask it directly to the cloud storage providers that you choose. Ask about the steps taken to protect your business data, who is authorized to access it, and what happens to that data if you decide to end the collaboration with them. In addition to storing data in the cloud, it’s a good idea to also consider storing data on a physical drive.

Tip 3: Penetration testing

Cyber security must be a priority to protect important data. To increase cybersecurity in the system, you can do multiple layers of protection such as using a firewall, antivirus system, using the latest software, and data encryption. You can take these steps to reduce the risk of data breaches.

You can also ask for help from cybersecurity experts to do penetration testing. Penetration testing is a series of testing processes of a system or network. This test is carried out with the aim to find out whether the security contained in the system or application has a gap so that it can be fixed immediately. This step can help you to minimize data breaches because hackers in general will carry out attacks when there are security holes.

Tip 4: Security protocol

Another solution to always ensure that the application uses a good security protocol. Without adequate protocols, your data will be easily exposed so companies become vulnerable to cyber attacks. Using the right security protocol is one step to ensure business can stay safe, especially when it comes to data encryption. Therefore, make sure you comply with the security protocols that apply to your application

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