How we deliver DevOps solution to our customer

DevOps best practice


DevOps best practice is a baseline to communicate with client easy. We try to make it simple and easy to undestanding.


Bounch of tools, style, behaviur out side. And we try to make it simple.

Developer environment

Developer can choose anything tools and platfporm to increate their productivity. and DevOps site should be able to collaborate all of them into same line business process.

Source code management (SCM)

As we know, to perfect collaborate we need SCM to control and shared our source code. Everyone can check and monitor the code related to their jobs.

Packages builder

Builder is the most system administrator activity, control and monitor the packges, make sure the packages are uptodate and safe. Basiccaly the output of this process is to build binary / runable application.


After We build the application, we need to store in safe place and also accessible for the team. Once deployment process need old and last version repository can provide that

Relase management CI/CD

We can choose deployment method like Canary or green or etc to deploy our application to production or staging site.

Development environment

Finanly, Production or staging site / private data center or cloud. There’s no matter, DevOps high flesibility to integrate, collaborate with anything environment and tools.

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